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One of the best things about being a blogger is the chance you have to meet other bloggers. Kristi and I became good friends when we met and recently we decided to collaborate by creating a post about skincare. You can check her post about Beauty Tips here.
Nje nga gjerat me te bukura rreth te qenurit nje blogger eshte mundesia qe ke per te njohur blogger te tjere. Une dhe Kristi u beme mike shume te mira kur u njohem dhe se fundmi vendosem te bashkepunonim duke krijuar nje post rreth kujdesit te lekures. Mund te shikosh postin e saj per Keshilla Bukurie ketu.
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When people ask me who is your most important beauty product, my answer is the Moisturizer. Personally I can’t live without a moisturizer, not only because I have a sensitive skin, but also because the skin must be hydrated at least once a day. Each skin type needs a moisturizer, especially during Summer.
The one I use is from the Alpine White collection by Skincode which has SPF 15, that means that my face is quite protected during the day and it also remains very smooth.
Kur me pyesin se cili eshte produkti i bukurise me i rendesishem per mua, pergjigja ime eshte Hidratuesi. Personalisht nuk mund te jetoj pa nje hidratues, jo vetem sepse kam nje lekure te ndjeshme, por sepse lekura duhet te hidratohet te pakten nje here ne dite. Cdo tip lekure ka nevoje per nje hidratues, sidomos gjate Veres.
Hidratuesi qe une perdor eshte i koleksionit Alpine White nga Skincode, i cili permban SPF 15, qe do te thote se fytyra eshte e mbrojtur gjate dites si dhe ajo qendron teper e bute.
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The other products you need depend on you. For example Kristi has normal skin with no imperfections so the only product she used was the moisturizer.
In my case I use the eye cream and advanced skin perfector as well. When I feel like my skin is too oily I use SOS oil control and 24h de-stress comfort balm when I see that my face is quite irritated.
Produktet e tjera qe te nevojiten varen nga ty. Per shembull Kristi ka lekure normale pa imperfeksione dhe te vetmin produkt qe ajo perdori ishte hidratuesi. 
Ne rastin tim une perdor kremin per syte dhe advanced skin perfector. Kur e ndjej se lekura ime eshte shume e yndyrshme perdor SOS oil control dhe 24h de-stress comfort balm kur verej se lekura ime eshte e irrituar.
Photo Credits: Eranda Janku

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