Cfare te nevojitet kur je me pushime?

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It’s time to go to the beach!  I’m sure many of you are planning where to go this summer, but first of all let me tell you what you should take with you during your holidays. So this is the list with the beauty products you need.
Erdhi koha te shkojme ne plazh! Jam e sigurt qe shume prej jush po planifikon se ku do te shkojne kete Vere, por se pari lermeni te ju tregoj se cfare duhet te merrni me vete gjate pushimeve. Kjo eshte lista e produkteve te bukurise qe te nevojitet.

1. Sun protection
On top of the list is any face product that contains spf 30 or 50. I would recommend spf 50 because at the beach the sun is too strong so you need a strong sunscreen and you should apply it every day 30 minutes before being in contact with the sun.
Mbrojtja ndaj diellit.
Ne fillim te listes eshte cdo produkt per fytyren qe permban spf 30 dhe 50. Do te te rekomandoja spf 50 pasi ne plazh dielli eshte shume i forte, keshtu qe te nevojitet nje krem mbrojtes teper i forte ndaj diellit dhe duhet ta aplikosh ate cdo dite 30 minuta para se te jesh ne kontakt me diellin.
2. Skincare
I’m sure that many of you skip the part of your skincare routine, because you are too tired or you don’t have time. Forget all that , because there are no excuses when it comes to taking care of your skin wherever you are. So don’t forget to take with you your cleansing gel, toner, moisturizer and eye cream. You need the cleansing in order to remove all that salt, sand and oil that your face has absorbed during the day. The toner gives the final touch and leaves your skin all fresh. The moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and the eye cream protects your eyes because the eye area is the most delicate part of the face.
Kujdesi per lekuren
Jam mese e sigurt qe shume prej jush anashkalojne pjesen e kujdesit te lekures, sepse jeni shume te lodhur ose nuk keni kohe. Harroje kete, sepse nuk ka justifikime kur behet fjale per kujdesin e lekures kudo qe ndodhesh. Keshtu qe mos harro te marresh me vete xhelin pastrues, tonikun, kremin e dites dhe kremin per syte. Xheli lares te nevojitet ne menyre qe te pastrosh fytyren nga kripa, rera dhe vaji qe ajo thith gjate dites. Toniku i jep fytyres prekjen e fundit duke e lene ate te fresket. Kremi dites e mban te hidratuar lekuren dhe kremi per syte mbron syte meqenese ajo eshte zona me delikate e fytyres.
3. Conditioning Cream
Part from the face, even your hair needs to be protected. So don’t forget to take the conditioning cream with you. The sun can also damage your hair so when you use a conditioning cream you will keep your hair quite smooth.
Balsam per floket
Pervec fytyres, edhe floket e tu kane nevoje per mbrojtje. Keshtu qe mos harro te marresh me vete kremin zbutes. Dielli mund te demtoje edhe floket e tu keshtu qe te nevojitet perdorimi i nje balsami ne menyre qe floket e tu te qendrojne te bute.
4. After Sun protect shampoo
In order to give your hair a full protection you should use an after sun protect shampoo that protects your hair from being exposed to the sun. It also cleans your hair from the sand and salt. Your hair will remain clean and smooth. I would recommend L’Oreal because it gives you everything that your hair needs during summer.
Shampo mbrojtese ndaj diellit
Ne menyre qe t’i jepni flokeve mbrojtje te plote duhet te perdorni nje shampo qe i mbron floket nga ekspozimi ne diell. Ai gjithashtu pastron floket nga rera dhe kripa. Floket e tu do te mbeten te pastra dhe te buta. Do te ju rekomandoja L’Oreal pasi ju jep gjithcka per te cilen floket e tu kane nevoje gjate veres.

5. Lip balm
I’m sure that sometimes during summer you have noticed that your lips become so dry and you just can’t stand this situation. It’s because of the sun the fact that the lips become so dry and in order to avoid that you should use a lip balm that protects your lips from the sun. I use the one from Labello every day and my lips remain so soft the entire season.

Zbutes per buzet
Jam e sigurt qe ndonjehere gjate veres ti ke vene re se buzet e tu behen shume te thate dhe ti nuk e duron dot kete situate. Ndodh per shkak te diellit fakti qe buzet e tu behen shume te thate dhe ne menyre qe ta shmangesh kete gje duhet te perdoresh nje zbutes per buzet qe mbron buzet nga dielli. Une perdor zbutesin e buzeve te firmes Labello cdo dite dhe buzet e mia qendrojne te buta gjate gjithe sezonit.

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