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When face wipes came to the spotlight, somehow it saved us lots of time. Who could believe that just one piece of wet wipe could remove all the make up from the face, eyes and lips. I believe that many people used only the wet wipes and avoided buying face cleansing products, which to be honest can spare you quite a lot of money. But, things changed when articles were published indicating that the usage of face wipes every day can somehow damage your skin. Do not freak out if you read about this now! Face wipes aren’t dangerous if you use them occasionally or at a time of necessity like a late night, holidays or sleeping at your friends house and you do not have your cleansing products with you.

The reason why face wipes are considered as a bit “dangerous” is because of the dryness it can cause to the face due to the alcohol presence in it, it can irritate your skin due to the pressure you put when cleaning your face with the wipe, and because of the fact that there are still impurities left on the face. When using a face wipe you should pay attention to a few tips:

  1. First of all, choose face wipes that are appropriate for your skin type. Nowadays you will find face wipes for every single skin type like dry skin, oily skin, acne one, mixed one and sensitive;
  2. Choose a quality face wipe with gentle ingredients to stop your face from dryness and irritation. I use Byphasse make up remover wipes for oily and sensitive skin with amamelis and orange blossom water that help on the elimination of excess oils;
  3. Use the face wipes in cases of emergency only when necessary like the situations I mentioned in the first paragraph;
  4. After using a face wipe you should always wash your face even if it is just water;
  5. And remember never ever use a face wipe every day!

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Arsyeja se perse letrat e fytyres jane konsideruar si te “rrezikshme” vjen per faktin se ato mund te shkaktojne thatesi te lekures per shkak te perberjes me alkool, mund te irritoje lekuren per shkak te presionit qe ti ushtron gjate pastrimit te fytyres me letren dhe sepse papastertite vazhdojne te jene ende prezente ne lekure pavaresisht pastrimit. Kur perdor letrat e lagura per fytyren duhet t’i kushtosh vemendje disa keshillave:

  1. Pike se pari, zgjidh letra te lagura qe jane te pershtatshme per tipin e lekures. Ne ditet e sotme do te gjesh shume letra te lagura per fytyren per cdo tip lekure si lekure te thate, te yndyrshme, me akne, te perzier dhe te ndjeshme;
  2. Zgjidh letra per fytyren me cilesi te larte dhe me perberes te lehte ne menyre qe te parandalosh thatesine dhe irritimin e lekures. Une perdor letrat e lagura per lekure te yndyrshme te Byphasse me perberje te amamelis dhe orange blossom water per te ndihmuar ne eliminimin e yndyres se tepert;
  3. Perdori letrat e lagura per fytyren per raste emergjente vetem kur eshte e nevojshme si situatat qe permenda ne paragrafin e pare;
  4. Pasi te perdoresh letrat e lagura duhet te lash gjithmone fytyren, edhe nese vetem me uje;
  5. Dhe mbaj mend qe te mos i perdoresh asnjehere cdo dite!

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