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It looks like this is the year of collaborations for Gigi Hadid, as so far we have seen her collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger and also with Vogue eyewear. Now it is time to turn eyes on the beauty side, and the famous model is not only the face of Maybelline, but is seen also as part of a collaboration with Maybelline, by presenting to the audience through Instagram the first product of the collaboration, which is the Jetsetter Palette that contains it all. Somehow the very conception of the palette is quite ideal, because women love to have everything in the bags, but sometimes there is no space for the things they would like to keep with themselves everywhere they go.


Gigi Hadid x Maybelline Jetsetter Palette contains it all, and by that I mean everything a girl needs to keep in her bag so she can be prepared anytime, anywhere like the concealer, highlighter, bronzer, eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lip balm. It is to be noted the fact that I suppose everyone got crazy by this news as it immediately sold out in the UK on October 13th.

Apparently, we should keep our eyes on the Maybelline website to get more news about the upcoming products from the collaboration as it is not over yet.


Mesa duket ky eshte viti i bashkepunimeve per Gigi Hadid, sepse deri me tani kemi pare bashkepunimin e saj me Tommy Hilfiger dhe gjithashtu me Vogue Eyewear. Tashme eshte koha te kthejme syte nga pjesa e bukurise dhe modelja e famshme nuk eshte vetem figura e Maybelline, por shikohet tashme si pjese e bashkepunimit me Maybelline, duke prezantuar tek publiku nepermjet Instagram-it, produktin e pare te bashkepunimit, qe eshte eshte paleta Jetsetter, e cila i permban te gjitha. Ne njefare menyre, vete koncepti i paletes eshte ideale, sepse femrat duan te mbajne gjithcka ne cantat e tyre, por ndonjehere nuk ka mjaftueshem vend per gjerat qe duan te mbajne ne canten e tyre kudo qe shkojne.


Paleta Jetsetter e Gigi Hadid x Maybelline,  i permban te gjitha dhe me kete dua te them cdo gje qe nje femer ka nevoje te kete me vete, ne menyre qe te jete e pergatitur kudo dhe ne cdo kohe si korrektorin, ndricuesin, bronzer, tonin per syte, rimelin, tonin per faqet dhe zbutesin e buzeve. Eshte per t’u vecuar fakti qe une mendoj se te gjithe u cmenden pas ketij lajmi, pasi menjehere u shit ne Mbreterine e Bashkuar me 13 Tetor. 

Mesa duket duhet t’i mbajme syte ne faqen e Maybelline per te marre me shume lajme nga produktet e ardhshme qe do te lancohen pasi nuk mbaron me aq. 

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