How To: Mosaic Effect Nails

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There are so many girls that ask me how I created the mosaic effect and my answer is always “Oh you have to buy the specific manicure that creates this effect and then it is quite easy applying it”. So then I decided to write a post about How To create the mosaic effect.
Ka shume vajza qe me pyesin se si kam arritur te krijoj efektin prej mozaiku tek thonjte e mi dhe pergjigja ime eshte ” Oh duhet te blesh nje manikyr specifik qe arrin te krijoje kete efekt dhe me pas eshte shume e lehte kur e aplikon”. Keshtu qe vendosa te krijoj nje post se Si te krijojme efektin prej mozaiku tek thonjte.

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Step 1: Choose a manicure that you like. I have chosen pink color “Choreographed Chaos” from Orly and paint your nails as usual.
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Hapi 1: Zgjidh nje manikyr qe te pelqen. Une kam zgjedhur nje manikyr roze ” Choreographed Chaos” nga Orly dhe lyeji thonjte e tu si zakonisht.

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Step 2: After the manicure is dried a little, choose a manicure that creates the mosaic effect. I have the red one ” Red Shatter” from OPI. Start painting the nails one by one and you will see that within seconds the manicure will start splitting. 
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Hapi 2: Pasi manikyri roze te jete thare pak, zgjidh nje manikyr qe arrin te krijoje efektin prej mozaiku. Une kam manikyrin e kuq “Red Shatter” nga OPI. Fillo te lyesh thonjte nje nga nje dhe do te shikosh qe brenda sekondit manikyri do te filloje te cahet duke krijuar efektin e kerkuar.
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Step 3: After that you can use a top coat in order to keep it in place
Step 4: Voila! You made it…
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Hapi 3: Pas kesaj mund te aplikosh shkelqyes ne menyre qe manikyri te mbetet i qendrueshem.
Hapi 4: Voila! Ia arrite…

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