Maestro Fusion Makeup by Giorgio Armani

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There was a time when I was obsessed with using foundations that somehow had a heavy formula, meaning that they could cover completely my face. But things changed when I discovered that light liquid foundations could also do “the magic” like Maestro Fusion Makeup by Giorgio Armani that is on my number one list of beauty products.
Ishte nje periudhe kur une u fiksova duke perdorur fondatinta qe ne njefare menyre kishin nje formule te rende, qe do te thote se ato mund te mbulonin plotesisht fytyren time. Por gjerat ndryshuan kur une zbulova se fondatintat e lengshme te lehta mund te benin “magjine” si Maestro Fusion Makeup nga Giorgio Armani qe eshte ne krye te listes sime te produkteve te bukurise.

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At first I was a little bit skeptic about using it, because I was not sure that its light formula could give the cover I wanted for my face. When I started using it, it was like I had no foundation on my skin. Its formula is so light that you do not feel anything on your face. Even my friends could not tell if I was wearing any foundation.
For a long time I was in search of a light texture foundation, because my face doesn’t need too much coverage and I must say that I am very pleased with the result. My skin suffers from redness on the cheek area and this foundation can cover it. I have to clarify that this product is not ideal for those who suffer from akne and want a heavy cover for their skin, because it only gives a medium coverage. Maestro gives you a light coverage and it also evens your skin tone. By doing this you have created a simple look and you will look perfect for hours.
I use four drops of this foundation, one on the forehead, on the cheek area and on the chin area and I blend it by using my fingers. I tried to blend it with a brush, but the brush was not able to spread the foundation all over my face. 
Another thing that I like about Maestro is the fact that it has SPF15, that means that it also protects my face during the day from the sun. If you do not suffer from any blemish or akne, I would suggest you go for a light texture foundation that gives you a light coverage and evens your skin tone. It’s time to say goodbye to heavy foundations that prevent your skin from breathing. 
Ne fillim isha pak skeptike per ta perdorur, sepse nuk isha e sigurte nese formula e tij e lehte do i jepte fytyres sime mbulimin e deshiruar. Kur fillova ta perdor, ishte sikur te mos kisha vene fare fondatinte. Formula e tij eshte shume e lehte saqe nuk ndjen asgje ne fytyre. Edhe miqte e mi nuk mund te dallonin nese kisha vendosur fondatinte. 
Per nje kohe te gjate isha ne kerkim te nje teksture te lehte fondatinte, sepse fytyra ime nuk ka nevoje per shume mbulim dhe me duhet te them qe jam mese e kenaqur me rezultatin. Lekura ime vuan nga te skuqurit ne zonen e faqeve dhe kjo fondatinte mund ta mbuloje ate. Me duhet te sqaroj qe ky produkt nuk eshte ideal per ato qe vuajne nga aknet dhe kerkojne nje mbulim te madh per lekuren e tyre, sepse ky produkt jep vetem nje mbulim mesatar. Maestro te jep nje mbulim te lehte si dhe i jep njetrajtshmeri tonit tend te lekures. Duke bere kete gje ti ke krijuar nje pamje te thjeshte dhe do te dukesh perfekte per ore te tera. 
Une perdor 4 pika nga kjo fondatinte, nje ne zonen e ballit, ne zonen e faqeve dhe ne zonen e mjekres dhe e perziej me ane te gishtave. Provova ta perziej me ane te nje furceje, por furca nuk ishte ne gjendje te shperndante fondatinten ne tere fytyren. 
Ajo cka me pelqen tjeter rreth Maestros eshte fakti se permban SPF15, qe do te thote se ai gjithashtu e mbron fytyren time gjate dites nga dielli. Nese ti nuk vuan nga pucrrat apo aknet, do te te sugjeroja te perdoresh nje fondatinte me teksture te lehte qe te jep nje mbulim te lehte dhe i jep njetrajtshmeri tonit tend te lekures. Eshte koha t’i thuash mirupafshim fondatintave te renda qe e ndalojne fytyren tende nga te marrit fryme. 

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