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Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer

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When you have a busy schedule, it is impossible to have time and refresh the make up. Your life savior is a foundation that can last all day, but to be honest such foundation does not exist.  If you want a longwear foundation, you need a primer.

Kur ke nje skedul te ngjeshur, eshte e pamundur qe te kesh kohe per te rifreskuar make up-in. Shpetimtari yt eshte nje fondatinte qe zgjat gjate gjithe dites, por per te qene e sinqerte nje fondatinte e tille nuk ekziston. Ne qofte se deshiron nje fondatinte qe zgjat, te nevojitet nje primer. 


During the day I am busy with work and other activities and it is impossible for me to refresh the make up. In order for me not to put foundation all over again, I opted for a primer. I am using the Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer for three weeks now and I have noticed that the way the foundation looks on my skin is completely different.

I have an oily skin and I really needed a product that could mattify my skin and that’s exactly what this product does. I use it after my moisturizer. It is very lightweight, which is totally great, because it can be applied quite easily and it is absorbed very fast. After that I apply my foundation and I have seen that it helps the way my foundation is spread all over the face and the way it stays for hours.

I must say that it is perfect for those with oily skin, but I am a little bit skeptic if it is adaptable for dry skin as it mattifies the skin and it can be too dry. Anyways, I am satisfied with it, not only because the foundation stays for hours, but because it can banish excess oils thanks to the Micro Correctors that the product contains and it also protects the skin, because it has additional SPF 20 in it.


Gjate dites jam teper e zene me pune dhe me aktivitete te tjera dhe eshte e pamundur per mua qe te rifreskoj make up-in. Ne menyre qe une te mos vendosja fondatinte perseri, vendosa te marr nje primer. Une po perdor Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer per tri jave tashme dhe kam vene re qe menyra se si fondatinta duket ne lekure eshte shume e ndryshme. 

Une kam nje lekure te yndyrshme dhe me duhej me te vertete nje produkt qe lekura ime te behej mat dhe kjo eshte ajo cka ky produkt ben. Une e perdor ate pas kremit hidratues. Eshte teper i lehte, gje qe eshte fantastike, pasi mund te aplikohet lehtesisht dhe thithet shume shpejt. Pas kesaj une aplikoj fondatinten dhe kam vene re qe ndihmon ne menyren se si fondatinta perhapet ne fytyre dhe ne menyren se si qendron per ore te tera. 

Me duhet te them se ky produkt eshte perfekt per lekure te yndyrshme, por jam paksa skeptike nese eshte i pershtatshem per lekure te thate pasi e ben mat lekuren dhe kjo gje mund ta beje ate shume te thate. Sidoqofte, une jam shume e kenaqur me te, jo vetem sepse fondatinta qendron me ore te tera ne lekure, por edhe sepse largon yndyren e tepert fale Mikro Korrektoreve qe ky produkt permban dhe gjithashtu e mbron lekuren fale permbajtjes me SPF 20 ne te. 

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