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Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation

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Having a delicate skin brings so much trouble into my life, or better say into my daily routine. At a very young age I learnt to pay more attention to my skin and learnt how to choose the proper products. Though I consider myself as an expert of my own skin, still there are many issues when choosing a product, when nowadays you find thousands and thousands of different products.

The most stressing situation is when choosing a face cleanser and foundation. The latter I consider it to be more problematic as it is very rare to find your perfect fit. Maybe for some of you it is strange to know that choosing a foundation may turn into a difficult task, but the truth is that the skin is never the same. Different seasons require a different foundation and this is the reason why I never use the same foundation twice.


Te paturit nje lekure delikase sjell shume probleme ne jeten time, ose me sakte ne rutinen time te perditshme. Ne nje moshe te re mesova se si t’i kushtoj me shume vemendje lekures sime dhe mesova se si te zgjedh produktin e pershtatshem. Edhe pse e konsideroj veten time si eksperte te vete lekures sime, perseri ekzistojne shume problematika kur me duhet te zgjedh nje produkt, pasi ditet e sotme gjen mijera e mijera produkte te ndryshme. 

Situata me stresuese eshte kur duhet te zgjedh lares per fytyren dhe fondatinten. Kete te fundit e konsideroj si me problematiken pasi eshte shume e rralle te gjesh ate qe te pershtatet. Ndoshta per nje pjese mund te duket disi e cuditshme fakti se te zgjedhurit nje fondatinte mund te jete nje detyre e veshtire, por e verteta eshte se lekura nuk eshte asnjehere e njejte. Sezone te ndryshme duan nje fondatinte te ndryshme dhe kjo eshte arsyeja se perse une nuk perdor asnjehere te njejten fondatinte dy here. 


After using BB creams for quite some time, I turned into the normal foundations and this time I used Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation. I chose this product, because it is perfect to match the skin tone. I did not want a product who could give a different tone to my skin as I already had a tanned skin. The Miracle Match foundation gives the opportunity to have an even skin tone without looking at all too exaggerated. It does not give 100% coverage, so I would not suggested to someone who suffers from acne. I consider it very appropriate for my skin because my only problems are redness and pores and this foundation could easily fade them away.

It has quite a light texture and it gives you the opportunity to blend it without having any trouble and the skin looks very natural and healthy.

Pasi perdora per nje fare periudhe kremrat BB, u riktheva perseri tek fondatintat normale dhe kete here perdora Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation. E zgjodha kete produkt, sepse eshte perfekt ne pershtatjen ne menyre te plote te tonit te lekures. Nuk deshiroja nje produkt qe mund t’i jepte nje ton te ndryshem lekures sime pasi tashme kisha lekure te nxire nga dielli. Fondatinta Miracle Match te jep mundesine e te paturit nje lekure te njetrajtshme pa u dukur teper e eksagjeruar. Nuk jep 100% mbulim, keshtu qe nuk do e sugjeroja kete produkt tek dikush qe vuan nga akne. E konsideroj teper te pershtatshem per lekuren time sepse problemet e mia te vetme jane skuqja e lekures dhe poret dhe kjo fondatinte i fsheh ata shume lehte. 

Ky produkt ka nje teksture teper te lehte dhe te jep mundesine e te perhapurit ate pa patur asnje problem dhe lekura duket shume natyrale dhe e shendetshme. 

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