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It’s that time of the year when my lips are in the worst condition ever, because of the terrible cold. So I need it a lip balm to help me, and who better than the Baby Lips from Maybelline could do the “magic trick” to heal my lips?
Eshte ajo periudhe e vitit kur buzet e mia jane ne gjendjen e tyre me te keqe, per shkak te te ftohtit te tmerrshem. Keshtu qe me nevojitej ndihma e nje zbutesi per buzet, dhe kush me mire se Baby Lips te Maybelline mund te beje “trukun magjik” per te sheruar buzet e mia?
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I’ve always said when you are not sure what to pick, why not take them all. So take all the 6 shades from the Baby Lips collection. Maybe I won’t use them all, but who knows I might give a little present to someone or I might use one each day. 
The benefits of the Baby Lips is the moisturizing effect they give to the lips. It says that the effect lasts for eight hours, but unfortunately it doesn’t last that much. I really like the colors and you can use them as a lipgloss instead of using a normal one. About the full effect, it doesn’t give you the same effect that a lip balm bought in a pharmacy can give to your lips, but I still want to use it because lips are always soft when you apply it.
Gjithmone e kam thene nese nuk je i sigurt se cfare te zgjedhesh, pse mos t’i marresh te gjitha? Keshtu qe merrini te 6 ngjyrat nga koleksioni Baby Lips. Ndoshta nuk do t’i perdor te gjitha, por s’i dihet mund t’i bej nje dhurate te vogel dikujt ose mund te perdor nje per cdo dite.
Perfitimet qe merr nga Baby Lips eshte efekti hidratues qe i jep buzeve. Thuhet qe ky efekt zgjat plot 8 ore, por fatkeqesisht nuk zgjat dhe aq shume. Ngjyrat me pelqejne me te vertete dhe mund t’i perdoresh si nje shkelqyes ne vend te nje shkelqyesi normal. Rreth efektit te plote, nuk te jep te njejtin efekt qe nje zbutes per buzet i blere ne farmaci mund t’i jape buzeve, por perseri dua ta perdor kete produkt pasi buzet jane gjithmone te buta kur e aplikon ate.
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The first reason why I choose Baby Lips is that I wanted to heal my lips, but that did not happen. So I decided to use it in the morning as a lipgloss because the colors aren’t that bright. What’s important is the fact that I like the colors and for me buying the Baby Lips collection it’s not a waste of money.
Arsyeja e pare qe zgjodha Baby Lips, ishte fakti se doja te sheroja buzet e mia, por ia qe nuk ndodhi. Keshtu qe vendosa ta perdor ne mengjes si shkelqyes meqenese ngjyrat nuk jane dhe aq te ndezura. E rendesishme eshte qe ngjyrat me pelqejne dhe blerja e koleksionit Baby Lips per mua nuk eshte nje harxhim parash.
6 shades ( 6 ngjyrat)
1. Quenched 005
2. Peppermint 010
3. Cherry Me 015
4. Grape Vine 020
5. Pink punch 025
6. Peach Kiss 030

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