My Skincare Regime in Winter

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Besides the terrible cold, another thing that I hate during Winter is the fact that my skin becomes so dry and it suffers from redness and irritation. In order to protect my skin I start my own skincare regime by following a few important “rules”.

Pervec te ftohtit te tmerrshem, nje gje tjeter qe une urrej gjate Dimrit eshte fakti se lekura ime behet shume e thate dhe vuan nga skuqja dhe irritimi. Ne menyre qe te mbroj lekuren time une filloj regjimin tim te kujdesjes se lekures duke ndjekur disa “rregulla” te rendesishme. 

  1. Moisturize more

During Summer I always use a lightweight moisturizer and I apply it every morning. But, with the cold weather knocking in our doors, I have opted for a rich formula that protects my skin from every possible symptom. I have to deal with a lot of skin issues during Winter. So, at first I apply the moisturizer every morning and throughout the day when I feel that my skin is so dry. It is important that you choose a rich formula that contains all the necessary properties to protect your skin during winter like vitamins, rich oils, shea butter, etc.

Me shume hidratim

Gjate Veres une gjithmone perdor nje hidratues te lehte dhe e aplikoj ate cdo mengjes. Por, me te ftohtin qe po troket ne dyert tona, kam synuar per nje formule me te pasur qe e mbron lekuren time nga cdo simptome e mundshme. Une duhet te perballem me shume probleme te lekures gjate Dimrit. Keshtu qe, ne fillim une e aplikoj hidratuesin cdo mengjes dhe gjate dites kur e ndjej qe lekura ime eshte shume e thate. Eshte e rendesishme qe te zgjedhesh nje formule te pasur qe permban perberesit e nevojshem per te mbrojtur lekuren tende gjate dimrit si vitaminat, vajrat e pasur, gjalpe shea, etj. 

2. Exfoliate

Try to efxoliate two times a week. If you have oily skin it is important to choose a creamy efxoliation or better say a gentle one and if you have dry skin go for a scrub. It is also important that you use exfoliation on your body as well, because it does not only remove the dead skin cells, but it also helps the skin moisturize better.


Perpiqu te perdoresh eksfoliues dy here ne jave. Nese ke lekure te yndyrshme eshte e rendesishme te zgjedhesh nje eksfoliues kremoz ose me sakte nje te lehte dhe nese ke lekure te thate perdor nje skrab. Eshte gjithashtu e rendesishme qe te perdoresh eksfoliues ne trup, sepse jo vetem qe largon qelizat e vdekura, por gjithashtu e ndihmon lekuren qe te hidratohet me mire.

3. Use a balm


Every day I use a lip balm as my lips are always dry during Winter. I use La Roche Posay Novalip Duo, which protects my lips and it makes them smooth. Another thing that I like is the fact that this balm gives color to the lips, so I also use it as a lipstick.

Perdor zbutes 

Cdo dite une perdor zbutes per buzet sepse buzet e mia jane gjithmone te thata gjate Dimrit. Une perdor La Roche Posay Novalip Duo, e cila mbron buzet e mia dhe i ben ato te bute. Nje gje tjeter qe me pelqen eshte fakti se ky zbutes i jep ngjyre buzeve, keshtu qe une e perdor gjithashtu si nje buzekuq. 

4. Use a hand cream

I really have no idea what I would do without a hand cream during Winter. My hands are always chapped, so I use it like twice a day, but mostly before I go to sleep.

Perdor krem per duart

Nuk kam aspak ide se cfare do te beja pa nje krem per duart gjate Dimrit. Duart e mi jane gjithmone te cara, keshtu qe une e perdor kremin dy here ne dite, por me se shumti perpara se te fle. 

5. Use SPF

I have mentioned in my previous post that it is very important to use SPF during Winter, because the sun is still there and it can damage your skin. So opt for a moisturizer with SPF protection. I would recommend 20-30 SPF protection. If you don’t use moisturizer that often, you can get a foundation that has SPF protection or a BB Cream.

Une e kam permendur ne artikullin tim te meparshem qe eshte shume e rendesishme te perdoresh SPF gjate Dimtrit, sepse dielli eshte po aty dhe mund te demtoje lekuren tende. Keshtu qe syno per nje hidratues qe permban mbrojtje me SPF. Une do te te rekomandoja nje mbrojtje SPF 20-30. Nese nuk perdor aq shpesh hidratues, mund te marresh nje fondatinte qe ka mbrojtje SPF ose nje Krem BB. 



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