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Those who know me are fully aware of the obsession I have with nail polishes and how I like to change the color of my nails 2-3 times a week. Sometimes, I like to experiment and create different designs. But, in a certain point, owning to many nail polishes becomes a frustration when you do not have a proper place to put them. So far, I have managed to put them in different bags, but even this option was not useful for me, because I had to search in different bags to find the color I wanted.

But, for everything there is always a solution and while I was searching on the internet I found a Nail Polish Organizer at You can buy the Nail Polish Rack at in different layers from two layers to seven of them. I got the one with the seven layers, because I own to many nail polishes and finally my nail polishes are well organized and quite visible. For sure I will get another nail polish organizer, because now that I have a proper place were to display the nail polishes, my obsession will grow even more and I will buy more nail lacquers.

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