ScandalEyes Xxtreme Black Mascara from Rimmel London

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I have used a lot of mascaras from different labels and so far I have been quite satisfied with each mascara, until I tried ScandalEyes Xxtreme Black Mascara from Rimmel London and I must say that I am disappointed with it. I have used other mascaras from Rimmel like Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara which I totally adore, but with this last one I am not satisfied at all.
Kam perdorur shume rimele nga firma te ndryshme dhe deri me tani jam teper e kenaqur me secilin prej tyre, derisa provova ScandalEyes Xxtreme Black Mascara nga Rimmel London dhe me duhet te them qe jam teper e zhgenjyer me kete rimel. Kam perdorur te tjera produkte nga Rimmel si Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara te cilen e adhuroj, por me kete te fundit nuk jam aspak e kenaqur. 

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I decided to try this product because it says that it gives volume and length to the lashes, but when I use it I notice that it gives just a little volume to the lashes, when I want more and it does give a little length too. 
Other thing that keeps bothering me is the fact that it makes my lashes clamps which I totally hate. When it first happened, I tried to be more careful in applying it the next time, but still the result was the same, my lashes keep clamping. I think that such thing happens because of the brush, which is large. I am not against large brushes, because I have used many mascaras with large brushes, but this one somehow can not do the magic like extreme volume, length and curl. Even though it says that the arched side gives volume and the flat side gives length, still I am not happy with the result.
Well it’s the first time that I write a bad review and that does not mean that I won’t be using anymore mascaras from Rimmel London. I have been using Rimmel London’s product for years, so I will still be faithful to the brand. 
Vendosa te perdor kete produkt sepse ne te thuhet se i jep volum dhe gjatesi qerpikeve, por kur e perdor verej se i jep shume pak volum qerpikeve, kur une dua me shume dhe i jep pak gjatesi gjithashtu. 
Gje tjeter e cila me bezdis eshte fakti se i bashkon qerpiket, gje te cilen e urrej. Kur kjo gje ndodhi per here te pare, u perpoqa te jem me e kujdesshme heren tjeter qe e aplikova, por perseri rezulati ishte i njejte, qerpiket vazhdojne te jene te bashkuar. Mendoj se nje gje e tille vjen si rezultat i furces, e cila eshte e madhe. Nuk jam aspak kundra furcave te medhaja, sepse kam perdorur shume rimele me furca te tilla, por kjo qe po perdor ne njefare menyre nuk po e ben magjine e saj si volum, gjatesi dhe perdredhje ekstreme. Edhe pse ne te thuhet se pjesa e harkuar e furces jep volum dhe pjesa e sheshte jep gjatesi, perseri nuk jam e lumtur me rezultatin. 
Epo kjo eshte hera e pare qe une shkruaj nje review aspak te mire, por kjo nuk do te thote se une nuk do te perdor me rimele nga Rimmel London. Kam perdorur produktet e Rimmel London per shume vite, keshtu qe do te vazhdoj te jem ende besnike ndaj firmes. 

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