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Sephora Fingertip Eyeliner

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If you ask me what is your everyday make up, my answer will be as fast as a rabbit…foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. I started to use eyeliner when I was 15 after I mastered my skills at doing the proper line. After that I never stopped applying it as somehow it changes the way my eyes look and completes the entire make up.

Nese me pyet se cili eshte make up-i im i perditshem, pergjigja ime do te ishte e shpejte si nje lepur….fondatinte, penel per syte, rimel dhe buzekuq. Kam filluar te perdor penel kur isha 15 vjece pasi i zoterova aftesite ne te berit vijen e duhur. Pas kesaj nuk rreshta se aplikuari ate pasi ne njefare menyre e ndryshon pamjen e syve te mi si dhe ploteson gjithe make up-in. 


Recently I started to use four shades of eyeliner called fingertip from Sephora and I am completely in love with each of them. I have used before different shades of eyeliner besides the usual black one, but I was never satisfied as the color was too bold or you could barely see it. The four shades of the collection are:

  1. Smart black, which is the usual black color that most of us use.
  2. Sparkling grey, which is perfect for a night out, because it gives a glance of sparkle to the eyes.
  3. Easy blue, which is my favorite one. It has the most amazing shade of blue and you can apply it in the morning or in the evening without looking too  exaggerated.
  4. Vivid brown, which to my surprise is a beautiful lucid brown color, as I am not a fun of brown color.

What I also like about these four eyeliners is the fact that they can be applied quite easily. For those who are fresh starters, you can begin with these eyeliners to master the skills. Moreover, if you like to dare, you can create some beautiful liners by mixing the colors and you will have a dramatic look thanks to the sharp brush.

How to use?

First of all you should shake it before usage. After that, insert your index finger into the empty space on top of the package and you can remove any excess formula before applying it. In the end, start to draw a line in the inner corner of your upper lid and continue till the outer corner.


Se fundmi, fillova te perdor 4 nuanca peneli te quajtura fingertip nga Sephora dhe jam plotesisht e dashuruar me secilin prej tyre. Me perpara kam perdorur nuanca te ndryshme pervec ngjyres se zeze te zakonshme, por nuk isha asnjehere e kenaqur pasi ngjyra ishte shume e trashe ose nuk shihej aspak. Kater nuancat e koleksionit jane:

  1. E zeze, e cila eshte ngjyra e zeze e zakonshme qe pjesa me e madhe prej nesh perdor.
  2. Gri xixelluese, e cila eshte perfekte kur del ne mbremje, sepse u jep nje shkendije shkelqimi syve. 
  3. Blu e hapur, e cila eshte e preferuara ime. Ka nuancen me fantastike te bluse dhe mund ta aplikosh ate ne mengjes ose ne mbremje pa u dukur teper e eksagjeruar. 
  4. Kafe e ndezur, e cila per habine time eshte nje ngjyre kafe e ndritshme e bukur, pasi une nuk jam nje fanse e ngjyres kafe. 

Ajo cfare me pelqen tjeter per keto kater ngjyra eshte fakti se ato aplikohen shume lehte. Per ato qe jane fillestare, mund te filloni me keto penela per t’u aftesuar. Per me teper, nese te pelqen te guxosh mund te krijosh disa vija te bukura duke perzier ngjyrat dhe do te kesh  nje pamje dramatike fale furces se mprehte. 

Si perdoret?

Si fillim duhet te tundet perpara se te perdoret. Pas kesaj, vendos gishtin tregues ne hapesiren boshe mbi paketimin dhe mund te heqesh cdo perberje te tepert perpara se ta aplikosh. Ne fund, fillo te vizatosh nje vije nga pjesa e brendshme e qerpikeve te siperm dhe vazhdo deri ne pjesen e jashtme. 

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