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For me it is very important to take care of my nails, because it is something that I really enjoy. I have never had false nails, not that I am against it, but I have so many nail polishes and I don’t mind taking care of them myself. I paint my nails 2-3 times a week and I love experimenting with different colors and different designs. In this post I will show you how to paint your nails in a very simple way and how to add some details that make the difference.

Per mua eshte shume e rendesishme qe te kujdesem per thonjte e mi, sepse eshte dicka qe me pelqen me te vertete. Nuk kam patur asnjehere thonj falso, jo se jam kunder kesaj, por kam shume manikyra dhe nuk e kam problem te kujdesem per to vete. I lyej thonjte 2-3 here ne jave dhe me pelqen te eksperimentoj me ngjyra te ndryshme dhe me dizenjo te ndryshme. Ne kete post do te ju tregoj se si t’i lyeni thonjte ne nje menyre teper te thjeshte dhe si te shtoni detaje qe bejne diferencen.
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Step 1: Choose a color you like and apply it. I have chosen MAC Nail Lacquer Quiet Time, which is my favorite one. It is a nude color, which is perfect for every outfit and occasion.

Hapi 1: Zgjidh nje ngjyre qe te pelqen dhe aplikoje. Une kam zgjedhur Mac Nail Lacquer Quiet Time, e cila eshte e preferuara ime. Eshte nje ngjyre neutrale, e cila eshte perfekte per cdo veshje dhe okazion.
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Step 2: After you have painted all your nails and you have let them dry, it is time to add some details. I have used the Smart Roller from Sephora, which has leopard print details. 

Hapi 2: Pasi te kesh lyer te gjithe thonjte dhe t’i kesh lene te thahen, erdhi momenti te shtosh disa detaje. Une kam perdorur Smart Roller nga Sephora, e cila ka detaje te leopardit.
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Step 3: Put the sticker in one of your nails and paint it with a color of your choice. I have chosen black and let it dry for about 5 minutes. 

Hapi 3: Vendose ngjitesin ne nje nga thonjte e tu dhe lyeje me nje ngjyre sipas zgjedhjes tende. Une kam zgjedhur ngjyren e zeze dhe lere te thahet per rreth 5 minuta. 
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Step 4: Voilà! This is the final result. I only chose the ring finger, because I want it to keep it simple. If you like you can do the same thing in all of your nails, by experimenting with different colors. After you have done with it don’t forget to apply the top coat.

Hapi 4: Voilà! Ky eshte rezultati final. Une zgjodha vetem gishtin e unazes, sepse doja dicka te thjeshte. Nese deshiron mund te besh te njejten gje me te gjithe thonjte, duke ekpserimentuar me ngjyra te ndyshme. Pasi te kesh perfunduar mos harro te aplikosh top coat. 
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