Vichy Capital Soleil Sun Protection SPF 30 & SPF 50

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During Summer I give maximum protection to my skin, especially when I go to the beach. I always try to hide my face from the sun, because I have a very sensitive skin. For this reason I apply sunscreen every single day. When I am at the beach I always use the one with SPF 50 while any other day I use the one with SPF 30. This season I decided to try two products from Vichy. I decided to use this products because somehow they have the function of a BB cream, meaning that it is like a foundation with highest protection. So for those who apply foundation at the beach or in the morning, this two products are the best, because you don’t have to use many creams like a moisturizer, the sunscreen and foundation when you can use only one.

Gjate Veres une i jap mbrojtje maksimale lekures sime, vecanerisht kur iki ne plazh. Gjithmone perpiqem te fsheh fytyren time nga dielli, sepse kam nje lekure teper te ndjeshme. Per kete arsye une aplikoj krem ndaj diellit cdo dite. Kur jam ne plazh perdor gjithmone kremin me SPF 50 ndersa gjate diteve te tjera perdor ate me SPF 30. Kete sezon vendosa te perdor dy produkte te Vichy. Vendosa te perdor keto dy produkte sepse ne njefare menyre ato kane funksionin e nje kremi BB, qe do te thote se eshte si nje fondatinte me mbrojtjen me te larte. Keshtu qe per ato qe aplikojne fondatinte ne plazh ose ne mengjes, keto dy produkte jane me te mirat, sepse nuk ke nevoje qe te perdoresh shume kremra si hidratuesi, kremi ndaj diellit dhe fondatinten kur mund te perdoresh vetem nje. 
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Vichy Capital Soleil Beautifying Sun Protection Compact SPF 30
This sun protection compact gives a medium coverage to the face, which is enough during the day. The cream comes with a dry and powdery finish, which is perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. 
I apply it every day before sun exposure, so that my skin is protected all the time. When you are at the beach you can apply it as often as you want, but I would recommend before sun exposure and after swimming. 
My skin suffers from redness, so that’s the first reason I wanted a sunscreen that not only could give the highest protection from the sun, but could also cover my face. The product comes in two shades: Sandy Beige for light skin tones and Golden Beige for medium skin tones. I use the Golden Beige. 

Ky kompakt per mbrojtjen e diellit i jep mbulim mesatar fytyres, e cila eshte e mjaftueshme gjate dites. Kremi vjen i thate me nje prekje ne puder, e cila eshte perfekte per te gjitha tipet e lekures, edhe per lekuren me te ndjeshme. 
Une e aplikoj cdo dite perpara ekspozimit ne diell, keshtu qe lekura ime eshte e mbrojtur gjate gjithe kohes. Kur je ne plazh mund ta aplikosh sa here te duash, por do te rekomandoja perpara ekspozimit ne diell dhe pas notit. 
Lekura ime vuan nga te skuqurit, keshtu qe kjo eshte arsyeja e pare qe pse me nevojitej nje krem ndaj diellit qe jo vetem mund te jepte mbrojtje maksimale ndaj diellit, por edhe mund te mbulonte fytyren time. Produkti vjen ne dy nuanca: Sandy Beige per tonet e hapura te lekures dhe Golden Beige per tonet mesatare. Une perdor Golden Beige. 

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Vichy Capital Soleil Face BB Tinted Velvety Cream SPF 50
I use this product when I am at the beach before sun exposure and after swimming. It has really protected my skin from the sun. I did not suffer from any allergies, sun damage, brown spots and it prevents premature skin aging that is caused a lot from the sun. Even this product is for all skin types.
So make sure that you apply the cream often during the day and I would recommend to keep your sunglasses on and a hat. 

This two products are very important for those who apply foundation at the beach. By applying foundation you prevent the skin from “breathing” and it may also cause allergies from the mixture of sunscreen, foundation and salty water. If you intend to apply foundation, because you suffer from blemish, redness or akne, then buy sunscreens that can also cover your face like these two products do. By using these products you don’t need any foundation.

Une e perdor kete produkt kur jam ne plazh perpara ekspozimit ne diell dhe pas notit. E ka mbrojtur me te vertete lekuren time nga dielli. Une nuk vuajta nga alergjite, demtimi nga dielli, njollat kafe dhe parandalon plakjen e parakohshme te lekures e cila shkaktohet shume nga dielli. Edhe ky produkt eshte per te gjitha tipet e lekures. 
Keshtu qe bej te mundur qe te aplikosh kete krem shpesh gjate dites dhe do te rekomandoja qe te mbash syze dhe kapele. 

Keto dy produkte jane teper te rendesishem per ato qe aplikojne fondatinte ne plazh. Duke aplikuar fondatinte ti e ndalon lekuren qe te “marre fryme” dhe mund te shkaktoje alergji nga miksimi i kremit per diellin, fondatintes dhe ujit me kripe. Nese ke per qellim te aplikosh fondatinte, sepse vuan nga pucrrat, skuqja ose akne, atehere bli nje krem ndaj diellit qe mund te mbuloje fytyren tende si keto dy produkte. Duke bere kete gje nuk do te kesh nevoje per fondatinte.

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