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Vitamin E Lip Conditioner by Jo Malone

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If there is one thing that I keep repeating over and over again this period, is taking care of my lips. Temperatures keep changing day by day and such thing is affecting my skin as well, especially my lips. From lip balms to lip scrubs, I am applying everything possible, just to protect my lips. In such situations, taking care of my skin is the only thing that matters the most.

Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip Conditioner is the recent product I am using. It contains Vitamin E, which makes sure that my lips are protected from the changes of the weather or better say from the changes the environment is facing nowadays. Maybe for some people it may sound pathetic the idea of spending money on protecting the lips, but the lips are part of the skin and when something occurs to your skin, it will affect you entirely. It is like a pimple that appears on your face from nowhere and you feel like you will have a terrible day. This situation is the same, when you feel like your lips are so dry or they are chapped. The only solution for you is a balm, a scrub or a conditioner that will make sure your lips stay soft and smooth the entire day.

I would totally suggest the lip conditioner from Jo Malone, because I have noticed changes in the recovery of my lips and they do not feel dry at all. It is very easy to apply the conditioner. At first, I thought it would be a thick texture, because it looks like that, but when you apply it, it becomes so thin and so smooth.

Nese ekziston nje gje qe une e perseris shpesh kete periudhe, eshte kujdesi per buzet. Temperaturat vazhdojne te ndryshojne nga dita ne dite dhe nje gje e tille po ndikon gjithashtu ne lekuren time, sidomos tek buzet. Une po aplikoj cdo gje te mundshme per te mbrojtur buzet e mia si zbutes per buzet edhe skrab per buzet Ne situata te tilla, kujdesi per lekuren eshte gjeja me e vlefshme per mua. 

Balsami me Vitamin E nga Jo Malone eshte produkti me i fundit qe po perdor. Ai permban Vitamin E, i cili i mbron buzet e mia nga ndryshimet e motit, ose me mire te themi nga ndryshimet me te cilat mjedisi po perballet ne ditet e sotme. Ndoshta per nje pjese te madhe te individeve mund te duket patetike fakti i te shpenzuarit para per te mbrojtur buzet, por buzet jane pjese e lekures dhe kur dicka i ndodh lekures tende, ajo ndikon tek ty ne teresi. Eshte si nje pucerr qe shfaqet ne fytyren tende pa asnje shkak dhe ti e ndjen qe do te kalosh nje dite te tmerrshme. Kjo situate eshte e njejte kur ti e ndjen qe buzet e tua po behen shume te thata dhe fillojne te cahen. E vetmja zgjidhje per ty eshte nje zbutes per buzet, nje skrab ose nje balsam qe do te beje te mundur qe buzet e tu te qendrojne te bute gjate gjithe dites. 

Do e sugjeroja me plot bindje balsamin per buzet nga Jo Malone, sepse kam vene re ndryshime ne permiresimin e buzeve te mia dhe ato nuk i ndjej me te thate. Eshte shume e lehte te aplikosh balsamin. Ne fillim mendova se do te kishte nje strukture te trashe, sepse ashtu te le pershtypjen, por pasi e aplikon behet menjehere i holle dhe i bute. 

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