Which nail polish should you get?

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For years now my nail polish collection keeps getting bigger and bigger. Somehow it has turned into an obsession for me, because I like to change the color very often and create little designs. I can consider myself as an expert now, because I have used so many nail polish from different brands and with different prices and I am able to distinguish the best nail polish.


If you ask me which brand is on my top list, I would definitely say ORLY. I have like twenty nail polishes from ORLY and they are long lasting, easily applied and the colors are amazing. OPI is next on my list, followed by Ciate and Rimmel London. It might come as a surprise to you to see Rimmel London on my list, but let me just say that I have been using Rimmel London for so many years and the nail polish never failed me, as they are long lasting, they have a thick brush, which gives you the opportunity to apply the polish just once and within minutes you are done applying it. That is why it never takes too much of my time to apply a nail polish, because I know what type I am using and how long it will take to be applied and to be dried.

What might come as a surprise for you is the list of the worst nail polish. On top of the list is Givenchy. Oh yes, as much as I like this brand, let’s just say that with the nail polish collection they have failed. The moment I apply the nail polish everything looks perfect, the brush is the right one, it is easily applied, but within the day or maximum tomorrow the polish is ruined. Believe me I do not wash the dishes or do any house chores that might cause the polish to be ruined fast. Next is Mac. Sorry Mac, but as much as I like your lipsticks, your nail polish isn’t as good as your other products. The issue with Mac nail polish is the fact that the product is ruined within a month, meaning that every month I have to spend so much money to buy all over again nail polish from Mac. Well, sorry but I am not going to do that. I have been using the same nail polishes from ORLY, OPI, CIATE and Rimmel London for like two years now and still they look as brand new the moment I apply them. I have the same situation with Chanel nail polish followed by the fact that I do not like how my nails feel when I apply the product. Somehow it makes them so dry and I just hate the feeling.

Following what I have written above, I would recommend you buy a nail polish from a brand which is specialized in producing nail polish. There are so many wonderful brands that I haven’t mentioned, so you should better do a research first on these brands and get the ones you consider adaptable for you. Brands like Givenchy, Mac and Chanel are considered like “La Creme de la Creme”, but not all of their products are on the top 5. Each brand has a specific product that distinguishes it from the others.


Per shume vite tashme koleksioni im i manikyrave sa vjen dhe rritet. Ne njefare menyre kjo gje eshte kthyer ne nje mani per mua, sepse me pelqen te ndryshoj shpesh ngjyren dhe te krijoj dizenjo te vogla. Mund ta konsideroj veten time eksperte, sepse kam perdorur shume manikyre nga firma te ndryshme dhe me cmime te ndryshme dhe jam ne gjendje te dalloj manikyrin me te mire.

Nese do te me pyesnit se cila firme kryeson listen time, do te thoja ORLY. Une kam rreth njezet manikyra te ORLY dhe ato zgjasin shume, aplikohen lehte dhe ngjyrat jane fantastike. Lista ndiqet nga OPI, me pas nga Ciate dhe nga Rimmel London. Ndoshta eshte nje surprize per ju teksa shihni Rimmel London ne listen time, por me duhet te them se kam vite qe perdor Rimmel London dhe manikyret nuk me kane zhgenjyer ndonjehere, pasi ato zgjasin shume, kane nje furce te trashe, gje e cila te jep mundesi te aplikosh vetem nje here manikyrin dhe brenda pak minutash ke perfunduar se aplikuari ate. Per kete arsye nuk me nevojitet shume kohe qe te aplikoj nje manikyr pasi une e njoh llojin qe po perdor dhe sa kohe nevojitet qe te aplikohet dhe te thahet.

Ajo cfare mund te vije si nje surprize per ju eshte lista e manikyrave me te keqinj. Ne krye te listes eshte Givenchy. Oh po, sado qe me pelqen kjo firme, le te themi se me koleksionin e manikyrave kane deshtuar. Ne momentin qe aplikoj manikyrin cdo gje duket perfekte, furca eshte e duhura, aplikohet lehte, por brenda dites ose maksimumi deri te nesermen manikyri eshte prishur. Me besoni une nuk laj enet ose te merrem me pune te tjera shtepie qe mund te shkaktojne prishjen e manikyrit. Me pas vjen Mac. Me fal Mac, por sado qe te me pelqejne buzekuqet e tu, manikyret nuk jane dhe aq te mire sa produktet e tjera. Problemi me manikyret e Mac qendron ne faktin se produkti prishet brenda muajit, qe do te thote se cdo muaj une duhet te shpenzoj para per te blere edhe njehere nga fillimi te njejtin manikyr. Epo, me fal por nuk kam ndermend ta bej nje gje te tille. Une po perdor te njejtet manikyr nga ORLY, OPI, CIATE dhe Rimmel London per rreth dy vite tashme dhe ato perseri duken si te rinj ne momentin qe i aplikoj. E njejta situate ndodh edhe me manikyret Chanel ndjekur nga fakti se nuk me pelqen si ndihen thonjte e mi kur aplikoj kete produkt. Ne njefare menyre ato behen shume te thate dhe e urrej kete ndjesi.

Ne vazhdimesi te asaj qe eshte shkruajtur me siper, une do ju rekomandoja te blini manikyr nga nje firme qe eshte e specializuar ne prodhimin e manikyrave. Ka shume firma fantastike qe une nuk i kam permendur, keshtu qe si fillim ju duhet te kerkoni per keto firma dhe te merrni manikyret qe jane te pershtatshem per ju. Firma si Givenchy, Mac dhe Chanel konsiderohen si “La Creme de la Creme”, por jo te gjitha produktet e tyre jane ne 5 vendet e para. Cdo firme ka nje produkt specifik qe e dallon ate nga te tjeret. 


  1. Polish Perfect

    October 19, 2017 at 9:30 am

    Which one for you stands out more, quality wise?

    • Enxhi

      October 19, 2017 at 12:29 pm

      I would totally recommend Orly because the quality is amazing and it lasts longer.

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