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When I first discovered Glossier, I immediately fell in love with it. Though, I had little knowledge about this brand, I became obsessed with their marketing campaign on the body wash and body lotion combo called Body Hero. The campaign featured 5 women who were totally different and each one unique on the appearance, but yet these 5 women came together to create something special. The campaign was far away from the usual concept when a model or a celebrity is the top choice when presenting a product. Real women were the pure image of the campaign and together they gave a message that it does not matter who you are, what type of body or face you have, when it comes to using a product, in the end you are the same and the result is the same. The Body Hero is made to smooth and give a dazzling effect to your body after applying it, so anyone can have this effect, despite the body shape.


Courtesy of the brand

Recently, Glossier is again on the spotlight and this time with the launch of their first fragrance. Though I have not used it or even smelled it, everyone is talking about it and they all love it, so put me as well on the list of the people who love it. Despite not being familiar with the scent of the fragrance, I am quite familiar with the concept of the fragrance. Glossier You is made for You! Yes, exactly…It is made for anyone who uses it and it gives you a sense of familiarity. It is like your body and the fragrance become one. The three base notes include ambrette so you can stay warm and comfy, ambrox for a smooth, salty and animalistic feeling and musk so it can be long lasting and the smell will follow you throughout the day, without leaving your body for a second and in the end you become addicted to the scent. The top notes of the fragrance include: iris root and pink pepper.

What I love the most about this fragrance is its concept and the idea that the main ingredient, is You. The scent you smell when you apply it in the beginning will be the same with the smell you will have throughout the day, even after it dries down. The product is available at for $60 for 1.7 fl. oz.


Courtesy of the brand
  • The day that we landed on the iteration that became Glossier You—took us 38 tries—I was in the office pretty late. I’d been holed up in a conference room for a while and when I finally walked out and into the office where our product team was sitting and being surrounded by the smell. That’s it. It was an instant ID. After 30-some tries, when you know, you know.
  • This is not a finished product. It needs you. It’s the ultimate personal fragrance. – Emily Weiss, founder of Glossier

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