Best Looks: Haute Couture Fall 2014

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Despite having so much to learn, books did not stop me from watching live the Haute Couture Shows in Paris. I must say that I love the moment when the models show up in the runway wearing amazing gowns, that make you start dreaming…
Part from the clothes, my focus is the hair and make up, which I must say that this year being simple was not the main purpose. 
Pavaresisht faktit se kisha shume per te mesuar, librat nuk me ndaluan se pari live sfilatat e Haute Couture ne Paris. Me duhet te them se e adhuroj momentin kur modelet shfaqen ne pasarele te veshura me fustane fantastike qe te bejne te enderrosh…
Pervec veshjeve, fokusi im ishin floket dhe make up-i, ku duhet te them se kete vit te qenurit e thjeshte nuk ishte me qellimi kryesor.

1.  Waves
The Valentino show was simple as always with models with wavy hair gathered into a ponytail. Anything extravagant about it? Not at all!
Sfilata e Valentinos ishte e thjeshte si perhere me modele me floke me onde te kapura lehte ne nje bisht. Ndonje gje ekstravagante rreth kesaj? Aspak!
 photo valentino-couture-fall-2014-04_095701694941jpg_carousel_parties_zpsf5ec95a0.jpg photo valentino-couture-fall-2014-15_095713929137jpg_carousel_parties_zpscd946192.jpg 
2. The eyes
I always say if you want to show some potential, then add some colors to your eyes. At the Versace show the eyes were in the center of attention with a very deep blue color. Anyone here daring to try it?
Gjithmone e them se nese deshiron te shfaqesh potencial, atehere jepu ngjyre syve te tu. Ne sfilaten e Versace syte ishin ne qender te vemendjes me nje ngjyre blu te thelle. Ndonje i gatshem per ta provuar?
 photo versace-couture-fall-2014-04_112609702463jpg_carousel_parties_zps5665dc82.jpg 
3. Boy band
I may have not lived in the 80s, but something I know for sure that the Hair style from Chanel Haute Couture show was really famous between boy bands in the 80s.
Mund te mos kem jetuar ne vitet ’80, por dicka e di me siguri qe stili i flokeve ne sfilaten Haute Couture te Chanel ishte teper i famshem midis grupeve te djemve ne vitet ’80.
 photo chanel-couture-fall-2014-09_153900717491jpg_carousel_parties_zps2b2fbc83.jpg
 4. The veil
There is nothing simple about Maison Martin Margiela. You may look at this simple make up that the model has or the simple hair style, but when you see the clothes everything changes.
Asgje nuk eshte e thjeshte per sa i perket Maison Martin Margiela. Mund te shikosh kete make up te thjeshte qe ka modelja si dhe modelin e thjeshte te flokeve, por kur shikon veshjet gjithcka ndryshon.
 photo maison-martin-margiela-couture-fall-2014-05_112646703555jpg_carousel_parties_zps7a6a1999.jpg
5. Extravagance
Where there is extravagance, there is Jean Paul Gaultier. I can never imagine a simple show from Gaultier. I think that he does not even know what simple means…
I may not be extravagant, but I do love the hair and make up on the models. It is quite a daring look where the main attention has been given to the eyes and the lips.
Aty ku ka ekstravagance, ndodhet Jean Paul Gaultier. Nuk mund te imagjinoj dot nje sfilate te thjeshte nga Gaultier. Mendoj se vete stilisti nuk e di se cfare do te thote i thjeshte…
Mund te mos jem ekstravagante, por e adhuroj modelin e flokeve dhe make up-in e aplikuar tek modelet. Eshte nje look i guximshem ku vemendje kryesore i eshte dhene syve dhe buzeve.
 photo jean-paul-gaultier-couture-fall-2014-03_10092949904jpg_carousel_parties_zpse88cbe2a.jpg
6. Simplicity
I love simplicity! There was barely make up at the Dior show, but the make up artist Peter Philips gave a little light to the eyes with a silver thick eyeliner.
E adhuroj thjeshtesine! Mbizoteronte pak make up ne sfilaten e Dior, por artisti i make up-it Peter Philips i dha pak ndricim syve me nje penel te trashe ne ngjyre argjendi.
 photo christian-dior-couture-fall-2014-03_19131779583jpg_carousel_parties_zps5fdc9df9.jpg
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