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When it comes to the fashion week I always wonder: What’s next?

During the fashion week it is not all about the clothes, it is not all about the designers. Even the hair and make up artists have a huge impact in the way a collection is presented on the runway. This season major importance was given to the eye area. As seen from the photos at the Chanel, Versace and Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show, the make up artists decided to pay attention to the eye area by creating the cat eye look by playing with dark eyeshadows and creating winged black eyeliner at Chanel. Apparently a simple eye liner is too mainstream!

At Dior simplicity was the main theme of the make up. Some models were presented with a simple black liner and nude lips while others were presented with only a touch of cherry lipstick.

Schiaparelli decided to change the rules and focus on the brows and hair. When I mean brows, I am not talking about a light shade of brown to fit the natural color of hair. This time I am talking about black and white brows, which completed the make up.








Jean Paul Gaultier


Christian Dior


Christian Dior





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