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Maybe some of you have never heard of this cream before, but as soon as you google it you will read all the positive feedbacks about this cream, which I call it the “wonder” cream, because what it does is just what you need.
Ndoshta disa prej jush nuk kane degjuar me pare per kete krem, por duke e kerkuar ne google do te lexoni komente pozitive ne lidhje me te, te cilin e quaj kremi i “mrekullive”, pasi ajo cka ben eshte pikerisht cka te nevojitet.

At first, I started using the 8 hour cream by Elizabeth Arden to calm any scar I caused by trying to get rid of a pimple. Well sometimes it is impossible to keep my hands off the face, when I see a pimple so I needed a cream that really reduces the scars on the face. The 8 hour cream not only reduces the scars, but after 2 days of using it there is no sign of any scar on my face. I also use it when my skin suffers from irritation or redness, because it protects and hydrates it for up to eight hours. Use it as often as necessary, anytime anywhere you need.
Ne fillim, fillova te perdor kremin 8 oresh te Elizabeth Arden per te qetesuar shenjat qe shkaktoja duke u perpjekur te zhdukja nje pucerr qe me kishte dale. Epo ndonjehere eshte e pamundur per t’i mbajtur duart larg fytyres kur shoh ndonje pucerr ne fytyre, keshtu qe me duhej nje krem qe me te vertete reduktonte shenjat ne fytyre. Kremi 8 oresh jo vetem qe redukton shenjat, por dy dite pasi e kam perdorur nuk ka me shenja ne fytyren time. Gjithashtu e perdor kur lekura vuan nga irritimi ose skuqja, sepse e mbron dhe e hidraton ate per me shume se 8 ore. Perdore sa here te nevojitet, ne cdo kohe dhe kudo.
There are so many ways to use this cream and it is amazing what it really does:
1. Skin
As I mentioned above you can use the 8 hour cream when you have a pimple, when your skin suffers from irritation, redness, when it is chapped or very dry. In order to protect your skin you can use it also on the lips by keeping them soft all the day, on the hands especially during the cold season.
2. Shine
You can use it on the eyebrows to create a perfectly defined arch that will stay in place all day, on the cheeks, legs to shine them.
3. Feet
After long hours of staying on your heels you can use this cream in order to calm the pain, even to soften soles.
4. Nail Cuticle
Use it to soften rough and dry cuticles in order to keep your nails beautifully manicured.
5. After-sun
This cream is ideal for after sun treatment, because it calms, hydrates and soothes any minor sunburn or irritation caused from the sun.
6. After wax
After wax when you see that your skin is irritated and red, you can use the 8 hour cream because it calms and leaves your skin smooth.
Ka shume menyra per te perdorur kete krem dhe eshte fantastike ajo cka ben.
1. Lekura
Sic e permenda me siper mund te perdoresh kremin 8 oresh kur ke ndonje pucerr, kur lekura vuan nga irritimi, skuqja, kur eshte e care ose shume e thate. Ne menyre qe te mbrosh lekuren mund ta perdoresh edhe tek buzet per t’i mbajtur te bute gjate gjithe dites, tek duart sidomos gjate sezonit te ftohte.
2. Shkelqim
Mund ta perdoresh tek vetullat per te krijuar nje hark perfekt qe qendron gjate gjithe dites, tek faqet dhe kembet per ti dhene shkelqim. 
3. Kembet 
Pas oreve te gjata duke qendruar mbi taka mund ta perdoresh kete krem per te qetesuar dhimbjen edhe per te zbutur thembrat.
4. Kutikulat e thonjve
Perdore per te zbutur kutikulat e ashpra ose te thata ne menyre qe t’i mbash thonjte te manikyruara bukur. 
5. Pas diellit
Ky krem eshte ideal per trajtimin pas ekspozimit ne diell, sepse qeteson, hidraton dhe zbut cdo djegie te lehte lekure ose irritim te shkaktuar nga dielli.
6. Pas depilimit
Pas depilimit kur veren qe lekura eshte e irrituar dhe e skuqur, mund te perdoresh kremin 8 oresh sepse e qeteson dhe e  mban lekuren te bute.


Photo Credit: Elizabeth Arden

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