How to deal with seasonal skin problems

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I always say that when Spring comes, life is way better. Well why not when the day is long and you enjoy it as much as you want and you also enjoy dressing up, because you do not have to wear 100 of layers to cover up. Though I like this season so much, it always comes with problems for me, like skin issues. The end of March and the entire month of April is a nightmare for my skin, because I experience every single issue like dryness, redness, too oily, my pores become more visible and what is worst pimples show up in unexpected areas. I have an oily skin, but this period it becomes so dry and sometimes it hurts so bad. I do not feel it only on my face, but also in my hands and feet.

How do I deal with it?

I pray that April ends real quick!

That was just a joke. I don’t wait for April to go away without doing nothing, but I start a more severe skincare regime. I know that I experience this situation because I am an allergic person and this period I blame pollen.

So my skincare regime includes:

  • Face wash twice a day with a cleanser that contains 0% alcohol and parabens;
  • I remove the make up from my eyes and lips with a micellar water which is especially for sensitive skin. I also use it on my neck because sometimes it is impossible to clean it with water without getting my clothes wet;
  • Whenever I feel that my skin is becoming too oily I use S.O.S Oil Control by Skincode to keep it under control;
  • I use a creamy exfoliation twice a week for my face and for my body once a week. It is very important that you use a creamy exfoliation if you have a very sensitive skin, and for those who have a normal skin they can use a scrub;
  • I use a face mask once a week to nourish my skin;
  • I use body lotion after each bath;
  • I keep my hand cream anywhere I go;
  • And lastly, which I consider it “La Crème de la Crème” I use a moisturizer twice a day for sensitive skin.


Une gjithmone e them qe kur vjen Pranvera, jeta eshte me e bukur. Epo, perse jo kur dita eshte me e gjate dhe mund ta shijosh sa te duash si dhe vishesh me kenaqesi, sepse nuk ke nevoje te veshesh 100 shtresa per t’u mbuluar. Edhe pse kjo periudhe me pelqen shume, ajo vjen gjithmone me probleme per mua, si problemet me lekuren. Fundi i muajit Mars dhe i gjithe muaji Prill eshte nje mankth per lekuren time, sepse une perjetoj cdolloj problemi si thatesi, skuqje, shume yndyre, poret e mia jane me te dukshme dhe cfare eshte me keq me dalin pucra ne zona te papritura. Une kam lekure te yndyrshme, por kete periudhe behet shume e thate dhe ndonjehere lekura me dhemb. Kete gje nuk e ndjej vetem ne fytyre por edhe tek duart dhe kembet. 

Si e perballoj kete gje?

Lutem qe Prilli te mbaroje sa me shpejte!

Kjo ishte thjesht nje shaka. Une nuk pres qe muaji Prill te mbaroje pa bere gje, por filloj nje regjim te rrepte te te kujdesurit per lekuren. Une e di qe kete situate e perjetoj sepse jam nje person alergjik dhe kete periudhe ja ve gjithe fajin polenit. 

Keshtu qe regjimi im i lekures perfshin:

  • Larje te fytyres dy here ne dite me nje pastrues qe permban 0% alkool dhe paraben;
  • Une e heq make up-in nga syte dhe buzet me uje mishelar i cili eshte posacerisht per lekure te ndjeshme. Une gjithashtu e perdor edhe ne qafe sepse ndonjehere eshte e pamundur per ta pastruar me uje pa lagur rrobat;
  • Sa here qe e ndjej se lekura ime po behet shume e yndyrshme, perdor S.O.S Oil Control nga Skincode per ta mbajtur ate nen kontroll;
  • Une perdor nje eksfoliues kremoz per fytyren dy here ne jave dhe per trupin nje here ne jave. Eshte shume e rendesishme qe te perdoresh nje eksfoliues kremoz nese ke lekure te ndjeshme dhe ato qe kane lekure normale mund te perdorin nje eksfoliues me kokrriza;
  • Une perdor nje maske per fytyren nje here ne jave per ta ushqyer ate;
  • Une perdor krem per trupin pas cdo dushi;
  • Une e mbaj gjithmone me vete kremin e duarve;
  • Dhe se fundmi, ate qe une e konsideroj “La Crème de la Crème”, une perdor hidratues per fytyren dy here ne dite qe eshte posacerisht per lekure te yndyrshme.


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