How To: Highlight & Contour

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One of the main concerns when taking a picture, how is your face going to look? Will people see my large pores? Did the foundation cover my spots? So many questions which have a simple answer, it’s all about the art of Highlighting & Contouring.

After watching so many tutorials on youtube and after reading so many articles about Highlight & Contour, I think i have taken all the information I needed to write this post and I hope that somehow I have helped you.

Nje nga shqetesimet me te medha kur behet nje foto, si do te duket fytyra ne foto? Do i verejne te tjeret poret e mia? Ia arriti kremi puder te me mbulonte pucrrat? Kaq shume pyetje te cilat kane nje pergjigje te thjeshte, gjithcka ka te beje me artin e Ndricimit & Konturit.
Pasi pashe shume vidio ne youtube dhe pasi lexova shume artikuj rreth Ndricimit & Konturit, mendoj se kam arritur te marr gjithe informacionin e nevojshem per te shkruar nje post dhe shpresoj qe te ju kem ndihmuar disi.
1. Highlight
First I’ll talk about Highlighting. All you need is a color that is two shades lighter than your foundation and a brush that will help you apply it.

Start applying it to the center of the forehead area, to the bridge of the nose, on the high point of the cheekbone, above the lips by making the top lip look even fuller and also apply it on the chin area. About the eyes which are always the center of attention, heavily highlight underneath the eyes and I would also recommend to highlight the part down the nose. It is very important to highlight all these areas, because they stand out the most.1. Ndricimi
Ne fillim do te flas rreth Ndiricimit te fytyres. Ajo qe ju nevojitet eshte nje ngjyre dy here me e hapur se ngjyra e kremit puder qe ju perdorni dhe nje furce qe do te ju ndihmoje per ta aplikuar ate.

Filloni duke e aplikuar ngjyren e hapur ne mes te zones se ballit, ne pjesen e ures se hundes, ne pjesen e siperme te faqeve aty ku ndodhet edhe kocka, siper buzeve duke bere te mundur qe buza e siperme te duket me e plote dhe gjithashtu aplikojeni ate ne zonen e mjekres. Per sa i perket syve qe jane gjithmone ne qender te vemendjes, ndricojeni shume pjesen poshte syve dhe rreth saj dhe gjithashtu do te ju rekomandoja te aplikoni ngjyre dhe ne pjesen e poshtme te hundes. Eshte shume e rendesishme qe te ndriconi keto zona, pasi ato dallohen me shume nga te gjitha pjeset e tjera.

2. Contouring
Not everyone needs contouring, because it depends on the shape of the face. Contouring is important because helps the face to look more photogenic.
You need a color which is two shades darker than your foundation (bronzer, darker foundation, contouring powder) and a brush.

Start applying it along the hairline to shorten the forehead, below the cheekbone area, eye area, thin the nose by contouring the sides of the bridge and also contour along the jawline

2. Konturi
Jo te gjithe kane nevoje per kontur, pasi kjo gje varet nga forma e fytyres. Konturi eshte teper i rendesishem pasi ben te mundur qe ju te dukeni sa me fotozhenike. Ju nevojitet nje ngjyre me e erret se ngjyra e kremit puder ( bronz, krem puder i erret, puder per kontur) dhe nje furce.

Filloni duke aplikuar ngjyren e erret ose bronzin ne pjesen e zones rreth flokeve ne menyre qe balli juaj te duket me i vogel, poshte pjeses se kockes se faqeve, ne zonen e syve me sakte ne pjesen ku ndodhen kapaket e syve, ne ane te ures se hundes ne menyre qe hunda juaj te duket me e vogel dhe gjithashtu pergjate pjeses se nofulles.

3. Foundation
After Highlighting & Contouring use your cream foundation that matches your skin color with the help of a brush. Start blending all the colors into one and all the lines will fade away. You don’t see highlight & contour anymore, just a natural skin color.

3. Puder
Pasi keni bere Ndricimin & Konturin, perdorni kremin puder qe i pershtatet ngjyres suaj te lekures duke e aplikuar ate me ane te nje furce. Filloni duke i perzier te gjitha ngjyrat ne nje dhe te gjitha vijat qe keni krijuar do te zhduken. Nuk do te shihni me vijat per ndricim dhe kontur qe krijuat, por nje ngjyre natyrale te lekures.

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