Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder by Sephora

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I always get fascinated by new things, especially when they are somehow kind of weird. When talking about exfoliation, I never thought that I would try the powdery version of it. I only knew about the scrub version and the creamy one. Recently I started to use the Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder by Sephora, which is totally great.

Gjithmone magjepsem pas gjerave te reja, vecanerisht kur ato ne njefare menyre jane te cuditshme. Kur behet fjale per eksfoliues, asnjehere nuk e mendoja se do te provoja versionin prej pudre te tij. Une dija vetem per versionin prej skrabi dhe kremoz. Se fundmi fillova te perdor Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder nga Sephora, i cili eshte fantastik.
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How to apply:
In order to apply the exfoliating powder, first of all the face must be wet. As I am talking about a powder, you should shake a small amount onto wet palm and you need to rub your hands together until you create a foam. Then you apply the foam all over your face especially on 4 specific areas like: the forehead, two sides of the cheeks, the chin area and of course the neck area. Massage it gently with circular moves and then rinse well with lukewarm water. 

After I applied it I noticed that my skin was so smooth and radiant. It did not give me that dry feeling, so I didn’t apply any moisturizer afterwards. It is perfect for all skin types, even the sensitive one. I use it once a week, but you can also mix it with your usual cleanser for daily use. 

Si ta aplikosh:
Ne menyre qe te aplikosh pudren eksfoliuese, pike se pari fytyra duhet te jete e lagur me uje. Meqenese behet fjale per nje puder, duhet te hedhesh nje sasi te vogel ne pellembe te lagur dhe duhet te ferkosh duart sebashku derisa te krijosh nje shkume. Me pas e aplikon shkumen ne te gjithe fytyren vecanerisht ne 4 zona specifike si: balli, dy anet e faqeve, zona e mjekres dhe sigurisht zona e qafes. Masazhoje me kujdes me ane te levizjeve rrethore dhe me pas shpelaje mire me uje te vaket. 

Pasi e aplikova vura re se lekura ime ishte teper e bute dhe rrezatuese. Nuk me dha aspak ndjesi te thate, keshtu qe nuk aplikova krem hidratues pas kesaj. Eshte perfekt per cdo tip lekure, edhe per ate me te ndjeshme. Une e perdor nje here ne jave, por mund ta miksosh me laresin tend te zakonshem per perdorim te perditshem. 

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