Momenti me i pershtatshem per te pastruar lekuren gjate dites

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Since we were little we were told how many times to wash the face. It has become like a natural daily routine for us to wash the face in the morning and in the evening before we go to bed. But, the question is whether there is another time of the day that the face needs to be washed?
Qe kur ishim te vegjel na mesonin se sa here duhej te pastrohej fytyra. Eshte kthyer ne nje rutine te zakonshme ditore larja e fytyres ne mengjes dhe ne mbremje perpara se te flejme. Por, pyetja eshte nese ka ndonje moment tjeter gjate dites qe fytyra ka nevoje te pastrohet? 
The best time to wash your face during the day is before you go to the gym or jogging. Oh yes, that’s right and you know why?
When you workout you start sweating and believe me you don’t want a mix of sweat and make up on your face, because that can cause problems for your skin. While you are sweating your pores become more vulnerable to the dirt or the impurities that surround the environment and that can irritate your skin, especially when you have applied foundation, because the skin absorbs it. 
I know that you want to look as flawless as ever while you workout, but later you will notice the consequences of not cleaning your skin before you workout. If you did not have time to wash your face at home, because you were at school or at work, bring the cleansing gel with you or use cleansing towelettes as they are more convenient, especially when you are going jogging. 
Koha me e mire per te pastruar fytyren gjate dites eshte perpara se te shkosh ne palester ose per vrap. Oh po, e sakte dhe e di perse?
Kur je duke u ushtruar ti fillon te djersisesh dhe me beso nuk do te deshiroje aspak nje miksim te djerses me make up-in ne fytyren tende, pasi kjo mund te shkaktoje probleme per lekuren tende. Ndersa je duke djersitur poret e tua behen me te cenueshme ndaj ndotjes ose papastertive qe e rrethojne ambjentin dhe kjo gje mund te irritoje lekuren tende, sidomos kur ke aplikuar fondatinte, sepse lekura e thith ate.
E kuptoj qe do te dukesh sa me perfekte ndersa po ushtrohesh, por me vone do te veresh pasojat e te mos pastruarit lekuren perpara se te ushtrohesh. Nese nuk kishe kohe te pastroje fytyren ne shtepi, sepse ishe ne shkolle ose ne pune, merre laresin e fytyres me vete ose perdor peceta pastrimi pasi ato jane me te pershtatshme, sidomos kur do te shkosh per vrap.

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