My Summer Manicure

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Each week I pick a color and paint my nails and this goes on and on for weeks. During Winter I am more into dark colors, but things change when it comes to Summer. So in this post I picked my most favorite colors for Summer, which I totally adore. 
Cdo jave une zgjedh nje ngjyre dhe i lyej thonjte e mi dhe kjo gje vazhdon e vazhdon me jave te tera. Gjate dimrit jam me shume tek ngjyrat e erreta, por gjerat ndryshojne kur behet fjale per Veren. Ne kete post kam zgjedhur ngjyrat e mia me te preferuara per ne Vere, te cilat i adhuroj.
As you can see I have picked shades of pink, green, yellow, blue, orange and of course a touch of nude which is always perfect. So let’s start from:
Sic mund ta shohesh kam zgjedhur nuanca te rozes, jeshiles, te verdhes, bluse, te portokallise dhe sigurisht nje prekje te nuances nude e cila eshte gjithmone perfekte. Keshtu qe fillojme me:
1. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Lacquer in Lilac sky 210, which is a soft lilac shade  (ngjyre jargavani)
2. Rimmel London Hip-Hop 317, which is a orange shade  (ngjyre portokalli) 
3. Givenchy Le Vernis Grenat Initie 07, which is a deep red. Well there is an exception for dark colors when it comes to red     (e kuqe e erret)
4. TNS Nail Color, a shade of blue  (ngjyre blu)
5. Nails Inc Camden Lock Graffiti  
6. Zoya Avril ZP279, a soft nude color  (ngjyre nude e lehte)
7. L’Oreal Amazon Flower 508, a deep purple shade  (lejla e forte)
8. Ciaté Electronica PP156, a fuchsia shade    (ngjyre fuksia)
9. Mac Studio Nail Lacquer Quiet Time, a deep shade of nude  (nude e forte)
10. Collistar Verde Incantata 531, a light shade of mint  (mente e lehte)
11. Orly Teal Unreal 20803, medium blue-green color    (ngjyre mesatare midis bluse dhe jeshiles)
12. CND Vinylux Electric Orange 112, an orange shade   (ngjyre portokalli)
13. CND Vinylux Bicycle Yellow 104, a shiny yellow shade  (e verdhe me shkelqim)
14. Orly Tropical Top 20497, a bright neon orange  (ngjyre neoni portokalli e ndezur) 
15. Avon Fiery Fuchsia to create the mosaic effect    (krijon efekt prej mozaiku)

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