Post-beach Hair Detox

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As much as we like those weekends spent at the beach, or an entire week of total relaxation by the sea, there is always that moment when you return to your daily activities and you notice that your look needs a total repair. Most of all it is the hair, which no one knows what the hell is wrong with your hair. You might notice that your hair has become so dry and frizzy, or the color of your hair has changed and it has become a shade lighter. Well you are lucky if the shade suits you, otherwise GO TO THE HAIR COLORIST IMMEDIATELY!

When you are at the beach, you do not care if you have forgotten your hair comb or that you did not mind at all not taking with you the hair straightener or the hair dryer. You also do not think about using the hotel’s hair dryer, because your hair deserve a period of total relaxation away from all the crazy devices and products that nowadays exist. Well, all that sand and salt that your hair has absorbed during the period of relaxation has its consequences during the post beach period. The solution? DETOX!

If you are a person who takes really good care of the hair, there are so many hair products you can use while at the beach and they can protect your hair. You can use a UV-protectant hair spray before heading to the beach. Otherwise, you can use the post-beach products like the detoxifying shampoo that helps stimulate the scalp and regenerate the hair. It is all about shampooing and good rinsing, if you want to remove all that is left from that salt and sand that your hair has accumulated during your stay at the beach. I would also recommend a good hair mask that nourishes the ends which somehow have lost their moisture or go for a total hair treatment like Olaplex to restore what it is damaged once you have finished your holiday season.

Pavaresisht se na pelqejne fundjavat e kaluara ne plazh ose nje jave relaksi total prane detit, eshte gjithmone ai momenti kur ti i rikthehesh aktiviteteve ditore dhe veren qe pamja jote ka nevoje per riparim total. Me se shumti jane floket, ku asnje nuk e di se cfare dreqin ka qe nuk shkon me floket e tu. Mund te veresh qe floket e tu jane bere shume te thate dhe te elektrizuar, ose ngjyra e flokeve te tu ka ndryshuar dhe eshte bere nje nuance me e hapur. Epo, je me fat nese ngjyra te shkon, ne rast te kundert SHKO MENJEHERE NE PARUKERI! 

Kur je ne plazh, nuk te intereson nese ke harruar kreherin ose qe nuk e vrave mendjen kur nuk more me vete tharesen e flokeve ose piastren. Ti gjithashtu nuk e mendon te perdoresh tharesen e flokeve te hotelit sepse floket meritojne nje periudhe relaksi larg nga te gjitha aparatet dhe produktet qe ekzistojne ne ditet e sotme. Epo, e gjithe rera dhe kripa qe floku yt ka thithur gjate gjithe periudhes se relaksit, i ka pasojat e saj ne periudhen pas plazhit. Zgjidhja per kete gje? DETOKS!

Nese je nje person qe kujdesesh me te vertete per floket, ekzistojne shume produkte qe mund te perdoresh ndersa qendron ne plazh dhe ato mbrojne floket e tu. Ti mund te perdoresh sprajt per floket me mbrojtje UV perpara se te shkosh per ne plazh. Ne rast te kundert, mund te perdoresh produktet qe jane posacerisht per periudhen pas plazhit si shampo detoksikuese qe ndihmon ne stimulimin e skalpit dhe rigjeneron floket. Gjithcka lidhet me perdorimin e shampos dhe shplarje me uje nese deshiron te heqesh gjithcka qe ka mbetur nga kripa dhe rera qe floku yt ka akumuluar gjate qendrimit ne plazh. Une gjithashtu do te rekomandoja dhe nje mask per floket qe ushqen majrat pasi ne njefare menyre ato e kane humbur butesine e tyre ose bej nje trajtim total per floket si Olaplex per te rikthyer cfare eshte demtuar pasi te kesh perfunduar njehere e pergjithmone sezonin e pushimeve.

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