Red is the new black

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My mom always asks why do I need the Vogue Magazine for and my answer is always the same, I get inspiration… Editorials for example are a way of telling a story or giving a concept on something. On the September issue of Vogue China the concept was RED and the symbol it stands for. It is a daring, provocative, adventurous, seductive, loving and also a dangerous color. There are so many moods in it and you can create wonderful things with this lovely shade. For the beauty editorial of Vogue China’s September issue, daring looks where created on Ling Liu by make up artist Isamaya Ffrench and hair done by Peter Grey.

Mamaja ime gjithmone me pyet se perse me nevojitet revista Vogue dhe pergjigja ime eshte perhere e njejte, Une frymezohem nepermjet saj. Editorialet per shembull jane nje menyre per te treguar nje histori ose per te dhene nje koncept rreth dickaje. Ne numrin e shtatorit te revistes Vogue ne Kine koncepti ishte E KUQJA dhe simboli qe ajo mban. Eshte nje ngjyre e guximshme, provokuese, aveturiere, joshese, e dashur dhe gjithashtu e rrezikshme. Jane shume gjendje ne te dhe ti mund te krijosh gjera fantastike me kete nuance te dashur. Per editorialin e bukurise se numrit te shtatorit te revistes Vogue ne Kine, u krijuan shume pamje te guximshme tek Ling Liu nga artistja e make up-it Isamaya Ffrench dhe floket nga Peter Grey.

Ling-Liu-Red-Makeup-Vogue-China-September-2017-Editorial03 Ling-Liu-Red-Makeup-Vogue-China-September-2017-Editorial04



Photographer: Ben Hassett

Styled by: Charles Varenne

Photo Credit: Vogue China



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