Rimmel Shadow Primer

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The thing about being a Beauty Blogger is that I always have to keep updated with the latest beauty products. It’s like you are an explorer trying to find the best products, the interesting ones and also the most coveted ones. About interesting products I would consider the new product from Rimmel the Shadow Primer
Te qenit  nje Blogger qe flet per Bukurine ka te beje me faktin se une duhet te jem perhere e azhornuar me produktet me te fundit te bukurise. Ndihesh si nje eksploruese qe po perpiqet te gjeje produktet me te mira, ato me interesantet dhe ato me te kerkuarat. Rreth produkteve interesante do te konsideroja produktin me te ri te Rimmel, primer-in per tonet e syve.
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The reason i first bought this product is the necessity i needed to limit fading and creasing of the eyeshadow. So this primer keeps the eyeshadow in place all day, not only the eyeshadow but also the eyeliner. 
Once applied to the skin, you let it dry and then apply eyeshadow color by making it waterproof.
Arsyeja qe e bleva kete produkt ishte nevoja qe kisha per te limituar venitjen e tonit te syve. Keshtu qe ky primer e mban ngjyren e tonit ne vend gjate gjithe dites, jo vetem tonin por edhe penelin per syte.
Pasi eshte aplikuar ne lekure, e le ate te thahet dhe me pas aplikon ngjyren e tonit duke e shnderruar ate ne nje ngjyre kundra ujit.

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