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The Benefits Of a Lip Mask

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Lips masks have turned into a big beauty trend, as many people are opting for masks as a cure for many issues that the lips might have like being dry most of the time or being chapped, especially during the cold season. Lately, I have been posting a lot about lip care and actually I have used so many products from lip balms, lip scrubs to lip conditioner, and now I have opted for a lip mask.

I got the idea from Emma Stone, or better say from her beauty routine before the Golden Globes from last year, so I got the curiosity to try a lip mask. After searching about a lip mask in the shape of the lips, because in a certain way I liked the idea of becoming totally weird like Emma Stone with the mask on, I turned to the Asian Beauty Market, because it has been quite a while that the Asian market is ruling with their innovative products. So, I found the lip mask or better say the lip masks at at a very affordable price.

The mask contains collagen, which is essential for the skin and it has anti-wrinkle effect. I use the mask whenever I need it. After I have cleaned and dried my lips, I put the mask on my lips and leave it for about 20-30 minutes. Mostly, I follow this procedure when I am working on the laptop, or I am watching a movie, because the lips need to stay still. What I notice when I have the mask on, it is the lifting effect that it gives to my lips and after I have finished with it my lips are fully moisturized and they remain smooth for hours.

The effect that a lip mask gives to your lips is bigger than the effect it gets from a lip balm, because the intensity of the mask is higher and it works deeper than the balm, because you have to apply the balm frequently during the day, while you can use the mask twice a week if you have sensitive or dry lips, or they are chapped.


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