The important function of brushes

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I never thought that i would need so many brushes to help me when i apply make up. That’s because i only use brushes for my eyes only, but now i have realized the important function of different brushes.
Asnjehere nuk e mendoja se do te me nevojiteshin kaq shume furca. Kjo sepse une perdor vetem furca per syte, por tani e kam kuptuar funksionin e rendesishem te furcave te ndryshme.
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Sephora has really good brushes. This four brushes come as a set and are very functional when i apply my make up. The first one from the right helps you apply the foundation very carefully and quite easily. So you don’t have to use your hands to apply it. You should remember that you have to clean your brushes once in a while and if you don’t use a brush make sure your hands are clean when you apply a foundation. The two brushes in the middle help you apply eye shadow on your eyes; the second from the left is used to make the liner as well. The first brush from the left helps you apply powder for your cheeks.
Sephora ka me te vertete furca shume te mira. Keto kater furca vijne ne nje set dhe jane shume funksionale gjate aplikimit te make up-it. Furca e pare nga e djathta sherben per te aplikuar fondantinen me shume kujdes dhe shume lehte. Keshtu qe nuk ke nevoje te perdoresh duart per te aplikuar fondantin. Duhet te mbash mend qe te lash furcat nganjehere dhe ne qofte se nuk perdor furce duhet te lash duart perpara se te aplikosh fondantinen. Dy furcat ne mes sherbejne per te aplikuar tone per syte; e dyta nga e majta sherben edhe per te krijuar vijen e penelit. Furca e pare nga e majta te ndihmon te aplikosh puder per faqet.
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Other brushes as the pink one helps you apply the foundation that comes as a powder. The thin one applies lipstick. It is also very functional when your lipstick is at its end. The brush from Kiko helps you apply the foundation; well one brush for the foundation is never enough and the brush from Biolife helps you apply powder for the cheeks.
Furca te tjere si furca roze sherben per te aplikuar fondantin qe vjen si puder. Furca e holle sherben per te aplikuar buzekuq. Ajo eshte gjithashtu funksionale kur buzekuqi eshte drejt fundit te saj. Furca e Kiko sherben per te aplikuar fondantin; epo nje furce nuk eshte asnjehere e mjaftueshme dhe furca e Biolife sherben per te aplikuar puder per faqet.
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